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Green Living New Construction in Kennebunkport

This home is state of the art for its green design.  It is a combination of solar, geothermal, traditional cellulose insulation and passive solar design and placement.

The solar component of this home is a combination of photovoltaic(PV) and solar hot water (SHW).  In the winter, the PV piece of the system will mostly power the geothermal condenser and pumps.  In the summer, when the sun is higher, the excess electricity collected will be sold back to Central Maine Power as credit.  The SHW system heats a coil in the hot water tank.  The hot water tank also has a back up coil from a propane wall heater when there are several days of gray weather.

The geothermal component of this system uses caloric heat taken from three 410' wells (where the water temperature is approximately 55 degrees).  The geothermal unit takes the caloric heat out of the water and it is then looped through the house in the radiant heat on the first floor.  It provides a very steady, energy efficient and comfortable heat

The entire house is also insulated with cellulose insulation - 13" double thick walls were filled with environmentally friendly shredded newspaper that was blown in (R=40).  The roof has cellulose R=60.  Then the entire house, including the foundation, was sealed for air, drafts and moisture.

The placement of the house on the site was also an integral component of this green design.  The south facing windows are big while the north facing ones are smaller and minimized.

  Architect :  Hans Warner


Spang Builders, Inc.
10 Granite Heights Rd.
Maine, 04046

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