We’ve built, renovated and remodeled multiple homes and commercial real estate in the United States; and we have yet to find a company that manages and builds a project from start to finish with such attention to detail in every phase of construction as the Spang team. Their on site project management team has the most talented craftsman; network of experts and back office team that make every interaction with the company an absolute joy. Each team member we interacted with was very professional with a “can do attitude,” and approached our project as if they were working on their own home; and you felt like family. The twice weekly on-site pictures and videos along with the work completed and work expected the following week were amazing and provided us a detailed chronology of everything for files. Equally as important the project costs were always detailed, discounts applied when applicable and third party costs kept to a minimum. Their invoicing was clear and easily understandable and they were always within budget. Change orders were simple and costed out before hand; so there were never any hidden costs or surprises. Our project was completed on time, within budget parameters and the post project checklist and walkthrough was both thorough and simple. Moreover, the project manager and team leads were always providing information and feedback on how to improve the project and maintain or lower cost while always ensuring that only the best and the right materials were chosen for the project. The project manager’s follow-up pre-construction and post-completion was just a continuation of Spang’s quality assurance and overall excellence as a company. We have now included Spang’s Property Management for all our other requirements and, as expected they are just as professional, thorough and awesome. If you’re interested in absolute quality workmanship at a fair and reasonable price and want to have an awesome enjoyable experience before, during and after your project is complete Spang Builders and Property Management is the team to call.


The Cotsakos Family 

This home is a dream come true for us that began over 25 years ago with day-dreamy walks on this beach where we'd longingly admire the homes on the shore and imagine, "maybe one day, us too." We can't thank you enough for all the hard-work, artistry, creativity and energy you have all put into making this home a reality for us. The process has been easier and more pleasurable than we ever could have anticipated, and the finished product exceeds our wildest imaginations.

- Robin Freeman

Building a house has always had notorious negative press. Everyone warns people against it. …Happily because of you, our experience has been contrary to public opinion. This has truly been a rewarding experience. Whenever we had nervous moments with a problem that we felt might be impossible to solve, you always managed to find an acceptable solution. Your great talents as a builders, as well as your problem solving skills and sensitivity to the needs and emotions of a new home builders take the stress off of us and pave the way to making home construction positive experience. Thank you for everything

- Mary Lou and Harvey Selsby

Working with you was, indeed, a pleasure – always – throughout the whole process. Thank you so much for being so professional, so talented, so accommodating. Put us at the top of 100% satisfied clients!

- Renny and Rob Spaulding

Words can not express how much we have enjoyed working with you. Our house is absolutely beautiful plus incredibly well built. Your unending optimism, can do attitude and meticulous attention to detail made a huge difference….we look forward to working with you again.

- Diane and Dan Harrington

It was two years ago that we moved into our house. We are so happy to be here with the wonderful job you and your crews did for us. You are all the best.

- Robin and Dick Blanchard

Preserving the architecture of Maine's historic coastal homes is very important to our family--and Spang Builders really understood this. They worked carefully to respect the original details of our home and suggested innovative ways to integrate new technologies with old materials. Living in the New York City area, we could not have tackled such a big and comprehensive project without Spang's dedication and expertise to providing quality service. The individual attention was exceptional and their extensive use of e-photos and communication tools was state-of-the-art.

We have renovated historic homes for over 15 years, and Spang is the finest builder we have ever had the pleasure to work with.

- Dawn and Mark Werner

It has been a true pleasure to work with Spang Builders. This company is extremely service oriented and does everything possible to deliver the highest quality product while delighting their customers. Tim Spang has built a company that is based on high integrity, effective communication, partnership and a dedication to excellence. I have found them to be the premiere company in this industry and believe they are setting the pace for others to follow.

- Dianne Gregg

After getting two great recommendations by neighbors that used Spang Builders, we decided to hire Tim and his crew to rebuild our home on Hills Beach. It was essentially a complete tear down and rebuild. It came down in October and remarkably were in by May 31st and didn't miss any wonderful summer time in Maine. We can't say enough about how happy we are with the job they did. Tim, Norm and everyone else we dealt with showed great care and consideration in building our home. The timeliness and craftsmanship were the best I have ever encountered in a builder. I would certainly recommend Spang builders with great confidence.

- Dave Reczek

Spang Builder's has worked with us on two projects: the renovation of a guest cottage on our property and the building of our future retirement home. The attributes of Spang Builder's are:

- Contracting ability
- making sure the job runs smoothly, accommodating changes while sticking to the schedule.
- A highly professional organization. Communication on all levels is excellent.
- Client access to everyone involved: bottom up and top down.
- A builder who makes a tremendous amount of effort to sit on the same side of the table as his client.
- Extremely positive feedback when you tell your friends, colleagues and potential vendors that Spang Builder's is your builder. Spang maintains an extraordinary reputation in the marketplace.
- Three words come to mind: Respect, Trust, Teamwork and,
- Competence, best viewed in the finished product, the house.

- Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Handler

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