How We Do Business

Building or remodeling a home can be a very stressful proposition.  At Spang Builders, we endeavor to make the experience as memorable and stress-free as possible.  We believe that along with building a beautiful home, it is also important to build a trusting, honest and open working relationship that will insure that the project will be as enjoyable as possible – for both parties.  We love what we do.  We hope that our enthusiasm and professionalism will alleviate many of the pitfalls often associated with the building trades.  To us, it is the ultimate compliment when a past customer seeks us out for their second and third projects.  We are fortunate to say that this is often the case.

  • The ‘Meet and Greet' Interview:
    Because the relationship between builder and client is the foundation of the work to come, the first meeting is often the most crucial.  This is the time that the prospective client is interviewing Spang Builders, but at the same time Spang Builders is also interviewing them.  A similar mindset and vision for the project are integral to the final success of a project, no matter the scale.
  • Tour past/present projects:
    If a client has not seen our work, we love to take a few hours and tour a few of our past and present projects.  This time together continues the ‘meet and greet’ process whereby we learn more about the client’s plans and they can further educate themselves on our quality workmanship.
  • As the client/builder relationship solidifies, we continue to meet brainstorming and finalizing plans with the owners and architects (when applicable) and any other designers involved with the project.
  • When the client/builder relationship is established and the client chooses Spang Builders, we then estimate the project bidding it out to subcontractors and all the other pertinent parties involved.  We then reconvene to finalize the final costs.  This process has no timeline except to satisfy both the client and the builder.
  • After the cost has been determined and agreed upon, Spang Builders will put together a project schedule and a payment schedule/agreement.  A contract will be signed and a deposit will be paid.  Spang Builders will also aid the client in making important decisions in a timely manner.
  • As the project progresses, our project managers will be available to the client at any time.  Additionally, we always provide weekly email updates that often include digital photos.  Walk through meetings will also be scheduled periodically at certain pivotal milestones in the project.


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